How Are You Present in The Moment?

Young man enjoying Freedom

Experiences of being present in the moment can be awe-inspiring and show a peace that is free from fear. Here are a few examples of how I know when I am present in the moment. Meditation, listening to music (reflection), noticing a detailed horizon, and silence in an isolated environment. I would need to quiet my thinking and appreciate the sights, sounds, and scents around me. I did have to practice a lot to achieve a little piece in my life today. I specify “a little” because I continue to practice and seek to be free from the chaos in my mind. In the past, I tried to control my happiness and peace. In fact, I found the action of controlling only added more chaos to my life. I know now it was because I did take these three senses for granted, which leaves me with a question for individuals with a sight and hearing impairment. How do you know you are present in the moment without these senses? I ask because I did not know anything about the importance of being present. I want to voice those who are challenged or not challenged by these conditions. Hoping to help others understand the ability to be present now and be inspired by others who obtain a sense of peace, which can be accomplished in many forms. I know this may sound like a cliché, such as, “we are not alone in trying to obtain this simple phrase,” “peace of mind.”

Enrolled member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, located in Scottsdale, AZ. A proud mother of two sons and grandmother of four grandchildren.